Parliamentary Election Held in Logar Under Shadow of Taliban

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2018)

The inhabitants of Logar province cast ballots in parliamentary elections under threat of Taliban violence that vowed to disrupt the process.

The Police commander of Logar Muhammad Abdali has declared that the Taliban group launched several attacks on voting centers but abandoned the areas with suffering heavy casualties.

Logar Province is one of the neighboring provinces of the capital that faces security challenges. However, preparations were made to hold elections in the province so that people would not be deprived of their right.

“The enemy had their plans to close voting centers in Logar. About 34 centers faced high-security threats, but the security forces thwart their plans and their corpses remain on the battlegrounds,” Abdali said.

Meanwhile, the governor of Logar, Muhammad Anwar Ishaq Zai emphasized that no group can change the will of the people towards a national process like the election.

“Although Logar faced security threats, people have done their utmost and cooperate with security forces to participate in the election voting and prevented challenges,” Ishaq Zai added.

More than 2,500 candidates are running for 249 seats in Afghanistan’s parliament in elections, despite campaign violence that has killed 10 candidates and scores of supporters, Taliban threats to sabotage the polls, accusations of pre-election rigging.

The insurgents carried through on their threat, but security forces prevented the dramatic attacks that many feared.

Still, officials said there was widespread violence across the country, with the Taliban attacking districts and polling centers, firing mortar shells and exploding bombs in cities.

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