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Parliamentary Committee Approves Ghani’s Decree on Population Registration Act  

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2017)

A joint parliamentary committee consists of the Senate and the Lower House members on Monday approved the president’s decree regarding the Population Registration Act.

According the decree, the words nationality and ethnicity shall be included in the electronic identity cards. Earlier, the decree was rejected by the Lower House but it was approved by the Senate House of the parliament.

“We have managed to reach into a decision regarding the plan of Population Registration Act after discussing [the issue] with the members of the joint committee,” said Mohammad Hashim Alokozai, a member of the joint parliamentary committee.

The Head of Population Registration Department, Hamayoun Mohtat, meanwhile, said that with approval of the decree, there is no legal barrier in distribution process of the e-ID cards (Tazkera), and soon the rollout process will begin.

“In less than a month, we are going to distribute the electronic identity cards, and firstly, the process will begin in Kabul,” Hamayoun said.

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