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Parliament Should Take Budgeting Consumption As Serious: Supreme Audit Office

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2015)


The Afghanistan Supreme Audit Office asked the Parliament of Afghanistan to take the budgeting consumption of different department as serious issues, though several Governmental departments haven’t been capable to spend their allocated budget they were not taken seriously in the past several years.

Meanwhile the second vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish said,” auditing and monitoring rights only goes to the Supreme audit office of Afghanistan and officials in the following institutions should pursue the issues observing the impartiality and independency.”

Head of Supreme Audit Office Mohammad Sharif Sharifi claimed that annually we monitor and audit about 3 up to 400 billion Afghani we purse things seriously but its Afghanistan Parliament doesn’t care about it.

However head of the Financial and budgeting in lower house of the parliament AmirKhan Yar said,” we do review the budgeting seriously its our responsibility sometimes reasonable things explained by the Ministers which ended to have the confidence of Mps there we begin our technical reviewing on budgeting started.”

Second vice President Danish urged that as the National Unity Government prioritized combating corruption and embezzlement therefore the Officials in Department of supreme auditing office continued to do their duty.

Reported By Nimatullah Ahmadi

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