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Parliament Not Satisfied With Resignations of Top Security Officials

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2017)

PARLIMENT _26__04__2017__DARI__SOT.mpg_snapshot_01.41_[2017.04.26_17.56.24]The Lower House of Parliament says resignations of top security officials are not satisfactory and calls for a special court to prosecute them.

Chairman of Parliament, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said, “The resignation of security officials are not satisfactory. A court should be created to prosecute them for the respect to martyrs bloods.”

Other lawmakers also stressed on creation of a special court for prosecution of officials.

Parliament member, Kubra Mustafawi said, “All of them must be prosecuted.”

The lower house of parliament asks the National Unity Government (NUG) to introduce the ministerial nominees to Parliament.

Parliament member, Kamak Naser Asouli said, “The ministerial nominees should be introduced, otherwise we will close the council for one month.”

Another lawmaker, Mawlavi Rahmani said, “The “Acting Heads” project is very dangerous. We must end it.”

While Afghan lawmakers accuse top security officials that the defense minister received votes of confidence after Kabul hospital attack that followed harsh reaction of Afghan people.

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