Parliament Commemorates Afghanistan’s Victory Against Ex-Soviet Union

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2017)

The Lower House of Parliament has marked the victory of Afghanistan against the Soviet-backed regime.

The former Soviet Union, which once shared a border with Afghanistan, invaded Afghanistan and installed a puppet regime in the capital of Kabul in 1979.

A long, weary war between various Afghan resistance groups and Soviet forces ensued.  In 1992, the mujahedeen declared Afghanistan liberated. The Taliban gained control a few years later.

“Soviet aggression to Afghanistan has made many challenges for the country. The presence of former Soviet troops in the country had nothing except sacrifices of people and financial losses,” said Allah Gul Mujahed, representative of Kabul.

“The entire world benefited from the victory of Mujahedeen. The defeat of former Soviet regime caused the country to lose power. But our Jihadi leaders failed to fight against their emotional desires,” said Nasrullah Sadeqi Neli Zada, representative of Daikundi.

In the meantime, the second deputy speaker of Parliament, Nazir Ahmad Zai emphasized that Afghans’ defending caused most of the countries survive from occupation.

“The former soviet union was destroyed as the result of Afghan people struggle. However, the country still interferes in Afghanistan’s affairs,” Ahmad Zai said.

The Parliament Members noted that the presence of foreign countries had no benefit for the country because they have always sought their own interests.

The government that the Soviets left behind collapsed in 1992. Rebel leaders then fell out among themselves, triggering a civil war that paved the way for the Taliban, which ruled from Kabul from 1996 until the U.S.-led invasion five years later.

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