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Parliament Cancels Law of 10% Taxes on Telecom Services

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2017)

Afghan parliament on Wednesday unanimously canceled the law of 10 percent taxes on telecom companies which is directly affecting mobile phone subscribers.  

The Chairman of Parliament’s Telecommunication and Transportation Commission, Qais Hassan said that lack of telecoms tax collection system has forced them to take this decision.

“If a subscriber consume 10 Afghanis, the government will roughly earn 20 million Afghanis daily via 10 percent telecom service fees,” Hassan said. “The government was expected to earn 14.6 billion Afghanis in last two years, but within this period it only managed to collect 7.9 billion Afghanis.”

 Expressing concerns, some parliamentarians said the incomes earned via telecommunication services was being stolen because of lack of collection system.

“There is no supervision in the process of collecting income via telecom taxes,” said MP Khalilullah Shaheedzada.

The MPs stressed the parliament will stand firm on its decision unless a regular system for collection of 10 percent telecom taxes was established.

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