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Parents of Afghan-Turk School Students Warned Government

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2018)

The Parents’ Committee of Afghan-Turk school warned the government of unpleasant consequences, if it does not prevent conspiracies against these schools.

They criticized attacking an Afghan-Turk school in Shberghan city of Jawzjan province and urged the government to impartially investigate its case.

Recently, the security forces have stormed the school without warrants, and took into custody four teachers on charges of allegedly collaborating with the failed military coup in Turkey.

The committee also called on government to support these schools.

“We urge the government to ask the Turkish government that which of our action was terrorism?”, Sidiquallah Tawhidi, a member of the committee said.

The succession of 99 percent of Afghan-Turk students in the entrance exam has made these schools more supportive.

“They want to shut the school that produces such talent who got first position at the entrance exam,” Yousuf Pashtun, another member of the committee added.

A student of Afghan-Turk High School in Kabul, Tahmina daughter of Abdul Sabur, scored 353 points and was declared as the Kankor’s first place winner.

Afghan-Turkish schools have been active in Afghanistan since 23 years ago, but after the failed coup of Turkey, the Turkish government urged Afghanistan to give them the responsibility these schools to Turkish education system.

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