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Panjwayee Turns into ‘Most Secure’ District in Kandahar

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2018)

Panjwayee has turned into the most secure district in southern Kandahar province after being seized from the Taliban, local military forces told Ariana News on Monday.

The district which shares border with Pakistan had been recognized as the Taliban’s main center and a “death region” for the Afghan and foreign forces in the province over the last five years.

However, currently, the military forces can feel safe and there is no presence of the Taliban in the district.

“The district has a better security and there was no [security] incident during the ceasefire. This district is secure since a while,” Qurban, a Panjawyee based soldier told Ariana News.

The government forces had been involved in deadly clashes with the Taliban since years in Panjwayee district, and the foreign trainers and advisors are no longer the district.   Only the local security forces have presence and maintaining the security of the district.

The military forces based in the district called on the government to make efforts for ensuring peace instead of focusing on leading the war.

“They should try and make efforts for bringing peace; nothing comes out of the conflict. War brings war. Peace brings secureness and development to the country,” said Wahidullah, an army soldier.

Sher Aqyar, a member of the provincial peace council, meanwhile, said that they need facilities in their peace-making efforts and that so far they have gained nothing, but have contacts with armed oppositions and hopeful of getting results.

This comes as Khakriz, Maiwand, Shawalikot, Nesh, Ghorak and Zerai are among the districts that are still under serious threats of the Taliban in Kandahar province. It has been said that in some of these districts, the Taliban make even difficult for the Afghan security forces to receive military equipment via ground.

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