Panjsher Governor Accused of Smuggling Lazuli

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2017)

CaptureAriananews receives documents that accuse the governor of Panjsher, Arif Sarwari of illegally smuggling lazuli stones from Badakhshan province. 

Based on the documents,  the governor of Panjsher in cooperation with the Mines department of the province announced the transition of lazuli stones legal.

Officials in Ministry of Mines and Petroleum said no contract on excavation of lazuli stones signed and no documents were distributed to transfer the precious stones; Insisting the security institutions should prevent the illegal excavation and detain the smugglers.

Ministry of Mines and Petroleum Zabiullah Sarwari said, “We demand the security department to prevent the illegal extraction of mines, and detain the individuals who are involved in digging, the law should also be practiced over the local officials if they are involved in the process.”

The second part of the document shows that governor of Panjshir is also accused of squandering millions of Afghanis over the incomes of the Emerald stones.

Panjshir provincial council members demanded serious investigation to be launched over the case.

Chief of the integrity Watch of Afghanistan (IWA) Sayed Ikram Afzali said, “Governor of Panjshir is accused, and the case should be reviewed significantly, in case the documents approve it, he needs to be dismissed from his position and introduced to justice and judicial departments.”

Meanwhile the Independence Directorate Local Governance officials said in case the accusations against the governor come true law will be implemented.

IDLG Spokeswoman Munira Yousufzada said, “If the accusation comes out true, law will be implemented, and no obstacles could prevent the law not to be practiced.”

Governor of Panjshir Arif Sarwari called the accusation baseless and insisted over the legalization of the mines.

He said, “I totally reject the accusation, and the document is full of haters, the mine issues continue up to 60 years in the country, and negotiations for legalization of the mines are underway.”

Both Panjshir representatives in the lower house and provincial council refused to give details or views over the issue, amid officials in Ministry of Interior Affairs claimed that no document is received over the issue yet.

Reported by : Fawad Nasiri

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