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Pakistan’s Rocket Attacks Not Acceptable Anymore: Osmani

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2014)


Afghanistan’s foreign affairs minister, Zarar Ahmad Osmani, warned the United Nations General Assembly that Afghanistan would no more accept rocket attacks from Pakistan.

Addressing the general assembly on Saturday, Osmani expressed Kabul’s deep concerns over continued rockets fire from Pakistan into the Afghan soil, causing causalities and huge financial loses.

“We hope Pakistan considering both nations’ interests in peace and stability would stop any activity which threatens the friendly relations of neighbors,” Osmani declared.

Referring to the global threat of terrorism, foreign minister warned Afghanistan was still facing a great threat of terrorism despite holding of successful and peaceful elections.

Terrorism and extremism not only on threatened stability of Afghanistan but also the stability of region and the world, former counter-narcotics minister expressed.

He urged a comprehensive regional and international combat was required against terrorism.

Osmani hoped the new Afghan government would make international level efforts for the country’s security and economic development.

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