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Pakistani ISI commits to persuade Taliban for Peace Talks

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2015)


Head of Pakistan powerful spy agency- Inter-Services Intelligence, Rezwan Akhtar in a secret meeting with President Ghani promised to persuade Taliban for an official Peace talks with Afghanistan government.

A source in Presidential Citadel says that Rezwan Akhatar in a secret trip arrived Kabul on Wednesday.

However, spokesman of President neither confirmed nor denied Rezwan Akhtar’s trip to Kabul but emphasized that basic steps have been taken for strengthening and peace between Kabul and Islamabad.

“The Basic efforts are ongoing, we want all know that Afghanistan security links to the security of the region and the world,” Ajmal Obaid Abedi, President’s spokesman said.

Pakistani ISI has been accused of backing militants in proxy wars against neighboring India and Afghanistan, as well as meddling in Pakistan’s domestic politics.

For four decades, Pakistan’s spy-generals have played Afghanistan like a powerful chip in a consequential game of poker.

They know the important local militants, have open channels to their favorite groups, and regularly play various groups against the Western coalition.

The twin justifications for the aggressive intervention in Afghan affairs are India and American withdrawal. Since Pakistan’s humiliating dissection at Indian and nascent Bangladeshi hands in 1971, Islamabad’s doctrine vis-à-vis Afghanistan has been known as strategic depth.

For the ISI, Afghanistan is to be a safety net should the delusional prediction that India will invade a weaker Pakistan actually come true.

Meanwhile, a number of Afghan political analysts and Parliament representatives seriously criticized head of Pakistan ISI’s trip to Kabul.

“Taliban’s power-sharing in Afghanistan political system, Inadia’s weak role in Afghanistan affairs and controlling the Afghan-Taliban Peace Talks are the main aims of Pakistan,” Abdul Qayoum Sajadi, member of Parliament said.

Amin Farhang, political activist said, “Pakistan is trying to deceive Afghanistan and uses the current situation in its interest.”

Today, the “Talban” are a hodgepodge of militant outfits, though the central leadership of the Afghan Taliban is thought to be in Quetta, Pakistan. For the ISI, there may be a chickens coming home to roost moment, as Pakistan faces a brutal insurgency within its own borders that has adopted the Taliban name but is in many ways far more rejectionist and hostile to the governing authorities.
To give just one example, the Afghan Taliban support polio vaccination while the Pakistani Taliban vow to kill anyone offering such treatments. The ISI’s game of prolonging the post-9/11 insurgency in Afghanistan long enough for the tired American leviathan to pack up and go home – and for Pakistan to move in more forcefully – is the direct cause of this terrorist surge, which has taken over 50,000 lives.
Afghans have always claimed that Pakistan has never stood by its commitments and never be honest against Afghanistan.
Reported by Fawad Naseri

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