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Pakistani investors seem willing to invest in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2016)

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Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries says that for the first time, Pakistani investors have shown willingness to invest in mining and agriculture sectors in Afghanistan.

Deputy of Chamber of Commerce noted that the Pakistani investors have previously had many trips to the country and this is the third country that showed eager for investments after Iran and Russia.

“Pakistani investors are eager to invest in mining and agriculture sectors of Afghanistan, beside solving trade problems between the two countries,” said Khan Jan Alkozay, deputy of Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The ministry of finance also says that they are trying to make all neighboring countries to become ready for investments in the country.

“We want all neighboring countries to invest in Afghanistan and we support them,” said Ajmal Hamid Abdul Rahim Zay, spokesman of finance ministry.

This comes as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry urges the government to make Russia’s role more in investment because it would have many benefits to the country.

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