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Pakistan vowed to not create trade problems for Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2015)

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Afghanistan Ministry of Finance on Tuesday said that the neighboring country, Pakistan promised to not create any trade problems for Afghanistan anymore.

Finance minister, Eklil Hakimi who has just returned from a trip to Pakistan noted that he had effective talks with Pakistani authorities.

“Talks over the regional connectivity routes are ongoing with Pakistani officials and we are trying to provide an effective agreement for Afghan traders,” said Eklil Hakimi, minister of finance.

Meanwhile, officials in Chamber of Commerce and Industry are said to consider good relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan are beneficial for the economics of the two countries.

Pakistan and Afghanistan have shelved a raft of agreements that promised to more than triple cross-border trade in Finance minister’s trip to Islamabad.

In November, Pakistan promised faster clearance of Afghan cargo, greater access for Afghan traders to Pakistan’s railway system and to set up ‘parallel track’ Afghan customs at Karachi.

Afghan traders have been facing transit issue with Pakistan despite presence of trade agreements with Pakistan that are aimed at facilitating trade between the two nations.


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