Pakistan train more militants to fuel war in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2016)


Head of the upper house of the parliament has stated that Pakistan is not willing to support peace and stability in Afghanistan, she has trained more militants to fuel the war in Afghanistan, and therefore Afghan Government should adopt necessary measurements to defend the country in coming months.

Head of senators Fazel Hadi Muslimyar said,” Pakistan isn’t ready to bring those, whom were received militancy training into peace table, Pakistan seeks its goals into Afghanistan which is controlling of Afghan Government, there is no optimisms over ensuring peace.”

He also declared the yesterday’s missile attack over the Afghanistan parliament a Cowardly slaves and mercenaries action.

Meanwhile senator Mohammad Alam Izadyar said,” those who have launched missile attacks over the Afghanistan parliament was the enemy, they are war criminals, and no sympathy and mercy should be done to them.”

“Why don’t the security officials ensure proper security for the parliament building, though we have clear enemies which is Pakistan, billions of dollars were spent to build this gigantic building from the Indian Government, Senator Nazar Mohammad Faqiri said,”

The following law makers in the upper house demanding the formation of National consensus for resolving issues.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee

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