Pakistan to host fifth round of peace talks with four Nations

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2016)



Officials in Ministry of Foreign Affairs have urged that soon they will host the fifth round of peace talk’s process involving the four Nations Afghanistan, Pakistan, USA and China in Islamabad to pave the way for seeking better solutions.

Meanwhile officials in Afghanistan Government still remained doubtful on Pakistan statements, saying if Pakistan practically doesn’t take military steps we will continue to not to trust Pakistan officials.

President Deputy Spokesman DawaKhan Menapal said,” First of all Pakistan should meet its commitments against the quadrilateral coordinated Group, otherwise Afghan Government will not waste its time with empty promises and statements is made by Pakistani officials, efforts will be underway from Afghan side and to participate in QCG which will be held in Pakistan.”

Member of the Harasat and sabat council Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal said,” lets try one more time, World community may exert pressure on Pakistan to end this game, but I still don’t believe Pakistan honesty.”

Pakistan talks about peace process that Afghanistan still witnesses bloody terrorists activities Nationwide.

Reported by Ahmad Farhshad Saleh 

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