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Pakistan to change Policy, launches Military Trainings for (ANA) :MoD

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2015)

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Officials in Afghanistan Defense Ministry said.” If the mutual misunderstanding removed in between Kabul-Islamabad Afghan Government willing to send its Afghan National Army to join Pakistani Military trainings.”

They have also confirmed that the decision has been made while the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani visited Pakistan to send Afghan National Army for further military trainings under the supervision of Pakistan Military trainers.

Defense Ministry deputy spokesman Dawlat Waziri said, “When President Ghani has been on visit to Pakistan the officials have come to decide, to send six Afghan National Army (ANA) for receiving military trainings.”

However Afghan military expert Jawid Kohistani has declared such decision a big mistake,saying by implementing such plan Pakistan will be capable to have more influence in Afghanistan security systems I hope Afghan Government to review their decision once again.’

Afghan Officials claimed that sending more Afghan National Army to Pakistan for further military trainings will be underway but Pakistan should remove the existed misunderstanding.

The other demand of Kabul from Islamabad is that has Pakistan really changed its policy towards Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Defense Ministry deputy spokesman Waziri said,” can’t wait and see the results coming from those six Afghan National Army after receiving military trainings by the Pakistani Trainers.”

Afghan Lawmaker Zamaray Padkhabi said,” Pakistan its self support Taliban and the decision which Afghan Government has made to send Afghan Military forces to receive military trainings in Pakistan is a total of null decision.”

After the inauguration of the National unity Government (NUG) the mutual relation in between Kabul- Islamabad has come to closer.

Can’t wait to see the benefits where Afghanistan made from it at this time.

Reported By : Nasrat Parsa

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