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Pakistan – Taliban Ties Should be Clarified in Peace Talks: Ghani

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2019)

Amid the ongoing peace talks between the U.S. and the Taliban representatives in Qatar, President Ashraf Ghani says Pakistan-Taliban relationship should be clarified in the negotiation process.

Speaking at a ceremony held in the Presidential Palace to mark the International Women’s Day, Ghani said that the Taliban funding sources and the armed group’s ties with Pakistan and other insurgent networks should not remain obscure in the peace talks.

The president said that Afghans want guarantee that any peace agreement would lead to security across Afghanistan.

He stressed that peace is a national issue and related to all Afghans, adding that sustainable peace will not be ensured in the country when a part of Afghan people get sidelined in the process.

Referring to the issue of women’s rights, following the ongoing U.S.-Taliban peace talks in Doha, Ghani said that the government has dealt with the issue according to Islamic principles.

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, meanwhile, said that the Taliban should pay heed to the people’s demand for peace and that stop fighting, adding that continuation of war will harm mostly women.

 “In the Taliban controlled-regions people are more vulnerable, all Afghans want peace,” Abdullah said.

At the event, Dilbar Nazari, the Minister of women’s affairs said that women should be included in the peace talks and that the achievements of women in the past years to be preserved in the process.

It comes as the U.S.-Taliban talks in Qatar entered its 14th day on Sunday. The two sides held the talks in closed doors and the outcomes of the meeting yet to be revealed.

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