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Pakistan stresses on military installment, construction of gate in Turkham

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2016)

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Unlike the Afghan government’s fierce disagreement, Pakistan’s ministry of defense is emphasizing over military installment and the construction of a gate at the Turkham border; citing the implementation of this plan is imperative.

“We continue to construct a gate in our soil and whatever builds is in the 37 meters of Pakistan soil,” Aseem Bajwa, spokesman of Pakistani army said.

Recently, Former chief of National Directorate of Security has said that Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan agreed over military installments at Torkham border.

Amrullah Saleh expressed on his Facebook page that Pakistan presented some documents to the Afghan government and based on that Zakhilwal has agreed with Pakistan Army chief to install a gate at Torkham.

However, Omar Zakhilwal rejected such agreement with the Pakistani government.

The Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal has said that The Afghan and Pakistani authorities have agreed on a ceasefire at Torkham.

According to official sources, the Afghan troops approached Pakistani authorities at Torkham waving white flags.

The Afghan government has also emphasized on putting an end in this issue through negotiations.

Clashes among the Afghan and Pakistani forces started late on Sunday night after the Afghan border guards stopped Pakistani forces to start work on a gate along the zero point in Durand Line.

The two sides suffered casualties as a result of the clashes which continued for three days until an agreement was reached for a ceasefire on Wednesday.

The Afghan government condemned the unilateral move by Pakistan to establish a gate in the zero point of Durand Line, calling it a move against the bilateral agreement as the two sides should agree before starting work on any establishment.

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