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Pakistan should stop missile attacks immediately: Saiqal

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2016)



Afghanistan special envoy to United Nation Organization Mahmood Saiqal has warned shooting missiles in tribal border areas of Afghanistan will deteriorate the mutual ties of Kabul- Islamabad.

Afghanistan special envoy to UN Mahmood Saiqal during his speech in United Nation Security Council has insisted that still there are some challenges on direct peace talks of Afghanistan- Taliban.

He said,” We demand the immediate halts of Pakistan missile attacks into Afghanistan border areas, in the past three months we have documented 56 invades of Pakistan into Afghanistan territory, which their performances breaks the second article and its contrary to 2131 resolution of United Nations Organization, this will damage the mutual ties.”

Meanwhile Pakistan envoy to United Nation Organization Maliha Luddehe claimed that Afghan Government has refused cooperation on joint monitoring of borders.

“Peace in Afghanistan will benefit Pakistan, direct peace talks with Taliban will soon begin, and Afghan Government should be present in the talks without any preconditions Pakistan special envoy to UN said,”

Scores of Afghan experts have also urged that Afghanistan should officially complain over Pakistan missile attacks into eastern part of the country to United Nations Organization.

Political expert Nasratullah Stanikzai said,” United Nations should exert pressures on Pakistan to stop shooting missiles into Afghanistan territory.”

Further the Afghanistan special envoy in United Nations Organization has demanded the donor countries to continue to their supports for Afghanistan peace and stability in the Brussels summit which three months ahead.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri


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