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Pakistan Should Pay War Damages to Afghanistan: Civil society

(Last Updated On: March 17, 2015)










Pakistani Government should pay war damages to Afghanistan since the appearance and falls of Terrorist groups Taliban.

A number of the Afghan civil society activists during a press conference have presented a resolution letter insisting that based on the recent statements of Perviz Musharaf the Pakistan former president on supporting Taliban he should be judged and introduced to International court.

Former Pakistan President Perviz Musharaf on 3th of Feb 2015 has told to Guardian newspaper that after 2001 fearing India influence into Afghanistan we have supported significantly Taliban.

Most of the Afghan civil society activists declared his statement as clear invading in Afghanistan’s affairs.


Afghan civil society activist Ghulam Jilani Zhuwak said,” Perviz Musharaf the former President of Pakistan has confessed that so it’s the rights of Afghanistan to ask Pakistan for paying the war damages for the past 14 years.”

They have believed that in the past 14 years Afghans lost thousands civilians, police, army forces,and International forces based in Afghanistan based on the Musharaf’s confession Pakistan is the responsible for Afghanistan devastation and destruction.


Deputy of joint coordination center of civil society Suraiya Usufzai said,” Perviz Musharaf should be trialed internationally and he should pay the blood price of every Afghan single person who was killed in the past 14 years, his confession is not coincidence because he had been the responsible of Pakistan National forces.”

They have approved a resolution containing 6 articles demanding the Government of Afghanistan to pursue the following issue and International community by black listing Pakistan exert pressures on Pakistan to hands off supporting terrorism in Afghanistan.

Reported by Hameed Sediqee

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