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Pakistan Seeks Haqqani Network Role In Afghan-Taliban Peace Talks

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2015)


Pakistani defence minister, Khwaja Asef warned that Peace Talks between Afghanistan-Taliban would not be succeed if Quetta Council of Haqqani Netwrok not included in the process.

Years have been passed since Haqqani network launched war against Afghan government. But now Pakistan says Afghan government should be in contact with the leaders of armed Taliban group.


However, Islamabad announced readiness for wiping out Haqqani network but Pakistani defense minister considers Peace Talks success in Afghan power-sharing with Taliban.

According to Khawja Asef Pakistan has made every effort to bring Taliban to the negotiation table but eliminating extremist groups is not beneficiary for Peace process in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan and will play its key role in bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan.” Asef said.

Although the Taliban can cause mayhem inside Afghanistan, they struggle to hold territory.

Afghans have always said that Pakistan will never do any effort to quench the flames of war in Afghanistan and now Pakistan is seeking privilege from peace talks process.


On the face of it, prospects for lasting peace in Afghanistan look as bleak as at any time in the 13 years since NATO-led forces ousted the Taliban—only for them to regroup in a long, bloody insurgency. Last year a record 3,700 civilians died in the fighting. As America and other NATO countries pull out their troops, Afghanistan’s own army, less well trained and equipped, is being hammered. It has struggled to find enough recruits to replace those who die or desert. And now the Taliban and other insurgents are preparing for a spring offensive.


Reported by Fawad Naseri

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