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Pakistan Reacts Controversial after Slammed by NUG Leaders

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2015)


Pakistani officials responded to the Afghan National Unity Government leader’s recent comments controversially on Monday.

Recently President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah strongly criticized Pakistan government for sheltering terrorism on its soil and asked Islamabad to rein in Taliban.

“The last few days have shown that suicide bomber training camps and bomb-producing factories which are killing our people are as active as before in Pakistan,” Ghani told a news conference,” we hoped for peace but we are receiving messages of war from Pakistan.”

Hours later a statement by Pakistan Foreign Office said Pakistan and Afghanistan are ‘brotherly’ countries.

The statement condemned Kabul attacks said Pakistan was itself the biggest victim of terrorism, with human losses exceeding 60,000.

But at the same time another Pakistani military official accuse Indian and Afghan agencies behind Baluchistan unrest.

“Indian and Afghan intelligence agencies were behind subversive activities to disrupt peace in Balochistan; however, our forces with support of masses foiled designs of enemies”, Pakistan Frontier Corps Balochistan chief, Major General Sher Afgan has said.

Experts believe Pakistani officials try to hide Pakistan involvement and interference in Afghanistan’s affairs with such declarations after Kabul criticized their sincerity.

At the same time an Indian publications reports that India and Iran will next week try to revive a frayed 1990s partnership over Afghanistan when Iranian foreign minister Javid Zarif visits here.

The United States also called on both Afghanistan and Pakistan to work together to defeat violent extremists.

“It is in the urgent interest of both countries to eliminate safe havens and to reduce the operational capacity of the Taliban on both sides of the border,” State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters hours after President Ghani blamed Pakistan for being behind the recent bombing in Kabul.

Afghans widely welcomed the recent statements by Afghan NUG leaders especially in social networks saying their leaders have voiced with the people of Afghanistan.

Reported by: Mohammad Milad Sekandari

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