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Pakistan plays dual policy against Afghanistan: Afghan experts

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2016)



Scores of Afghan political experts have urged that Pakistan hasn’t been honest towards ensuring peace into Afghanistan for decades as Pakistan National security advisor Sartaj Aziz spoke about housing of Afghan Taliban leaders in Pakistan for years.

Political expert Zalmay Wardak said,” Pakistan has been rejecting housing Taliban and terrorists in their country, the recent statements of Pakistan National security adviser Sartaj Aziz have revealed that they were housing terrorists for 35 years today.”

“Pakistan has been playing two role towards Afghanistan, and has never accepted supporting of Terrorists Jamal Nasir Osoli the Afghan political expert said,”

During a statement Pakistani officials have admitted that they were housing Taliban and terrorists for 35 years today, saying Islamabad has tremendous influence over Taliban, and could bring Taliban behind the negotiation table.

Pakistan officials have also calculated that Taliban will not be good asset for the interests of their country, therefore they have decided to not to support Taliban.

Earlier Taliban had announced their pre conditions to sit behind the peace table to have direct talks with Afghan officials an attempt which has been rejected the Afghan Government.

Reported by Maroufa Zaki

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