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Pakistan must present Top Taliban representatives in 5th Quadrilateral peace talks: Arg

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2016)


Officials in Afghanistan Presidential palace have demanded Pakistan Government to present the top Taliban figures in 5th quadrilateral peace talks, saying Pakistan hasn’t taken bringing Taliban members into peace table.

Meanwhile the deputy peace council Afghanistan has warned the United National not to remove Gulbuddin Hekmatyar from the black list, insisting that US Government should support peace talks process with Hekmatyar otherwise all the efforts will end to a deadlock.

President Deputy Spokesman Dawakhan Minapal said,” in peace talks the Pakistan efforts is vital, the following Government has hesitated bringing Taliban into peace talks, and didn’t perform its commitments.”

Meanwhile Afghan senators have declared the peace talks process a game of Tom and Jerry being played by Kabul- Islamabad officials.

Senator Hassibullah Kamlizai said,” The Quadrilateral peace talks process is false political game, we shouldn’t be cheated anymore.”

Afghan high peace council officials have stated that during 3 days of session with Hezb-i- Islami we have agreed on 18 out of 25 suggestions the rest will be agreed in coming sessions.

Afghanistan high peace council deputy Abdulkhabir Ochqon said,” if US don’t support the following peace process, our efforts and times will be wasted.”

Pakistan has been cheating Afghan Government on ensuring peace and stability since years, and the ongoing game played by Islamabad have pave the way for disappointments and hopelessness.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri


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