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Pakistan Leads Afghanistan Insecurity:Mps

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2015)


A number of representatives in the lower house of the parliament have stated that though Afghanistan has signed the mutual security agreement with USA the following country still grants military equipment to Pakistan.

They have expressed their concerns saying despite of being strategic partner of United State of America after singing the security agreement the war spread from south to North part of the country.

Mp Iqbal Safi said,” we are board of US policy towards Afghanistan, we have signed the security agreement but Pakistan is being benefited from the US military equipments recently US forces in Afghanistan have granted 74 Jet fighters, 350 Tanks, the following items were given to insecure Afghanistan.”

The other member of the house Baktash Seiawash said,” International forces were forced not to launch night operations, why don’t they carry out the night operations now so that doubts to be removed.”

Increasing of insecurity in North part of the country has been the lower house of the parliament huge concerns.

Speaker of the house Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi demanded both National Unity Government to immediately introduce the Defense Minister nominee to receive confidence votes from the house.”

The recent insecurity comes after the Afghanistan National security advisor Anif Atmar during his speeches had told to senators that mutual security agreement in between Kabul-Washington has been implementing since four months.

Reported By Abdul Aziz Karimi


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