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Pakistan imposes war on Afghanistan: Hanif Atmar

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2016)

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National security adviser, Muhammad Hanif Atmar says Pakistan imposes war on Afghans.

Hanif Atmar who arrived in Kundoz province with defense and interior ministers and NATO commander for evaluating the security situation in the province declared that the government has a complete plan for eliminating the Taliban group and will soon launch a special operation in this province.

While Islamabad claims that Kabul has not done enough to stop Pakistani Taliban militants living in Afghanistan from crossing the border and mounting attacks on Pakistan, Kabul has frequently had the opposite complaint: that Islamabad does little to deter Afghan Taliban members from staging attacks on their homeland from Pakistan.

Earlier, Chief of National Directorate of Security has also said that Afghanistan is facing an imposed war.

However, US-led Resolute Support (RS) Mission Commander General John Nicholson believes that suppressing the enemy in a sudden is a difficult task and they also concern to have success in operations.

” Resolute Support (RS) Mission’s focus is on Kunduz and Badakhshan provinces. But we cannot be successful in all parts of Afghanistan. We should think more on special points. We start the “Shafaq” operation from Kunduz and will end it in Kunduz too,” said US-led Resolute Support (RS) Mission Commander General John Nicholson.

Meanwhile, the defense and interior minister considered Kunduz is bordering the Middle East countries and it is the main reason for Taliban gathering; citing a special operation will be launched for elimination of the Taliban group.

But, Kunduz governor states that Taliban has the support of Russia in this province and the government should address this problem; otherwise the Taliban group will be more strong.

Representative of Kunduz province in the National Assembly and the tribal elders have also expressed concerns over lack of coordination between Afghan security forces.

Kunduz has had the worst security environment of any province in the north for the past few years. And within this province there are several districts that are particularly notable for the intractable conflicts raging within them.

One notable area in this regard is Khanabad district, where government forces, nominally pro-government militias, illegal armed groups and the Taliban all vie for power and control, much to the detriment of the local civilians.

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