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Pakistan failed to fulfill 70 commitments for transit relations with Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2015)

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Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that Pakistan has failed to fulfill its 70 commitments to improve the trade and transit relations with Afghanistan.


Officials in Chamber of Commerce and Industry warned that after this there will be the same reaction against Pakistan’s every action.


They said the government should realize another option instead of Pakistan that India can be a good substitute.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s findings indicates that Islamabad had committed to fulfill 25 commitments in President Ghani’s last trip to Pakistan. But while three months passed since Ghani’s trip only 2 of Pakistan’s commitments fulfilled to improve the transit and trade relations with Afghanistan.


Deputy of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Khan Jan Alkozai said, “We demand the national unity government to not sign the tripartite agreement with Pakistan and Tajikistan.”


Ministry of commerce and Industry also urges Pakistan to fulfill all commitments given in Ghani’s trip to Islamabad.


“Afghanistan has always stood on its commitments, but Pakistan has only been committed on paper,” Mutasel Komaki, deputy of ministry of commerce said.


Meanwhile, a number of Afghan analysts are said to believe that Pakistan has never been committed to improve political and trade relations with Afghanistan and President Ghani should take a serious action.


In President Ghani’s trip to Pakistan a delegation, led by the Acting Minister of Commerce and Industries, pushed for the implementation of the Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade and Transit Agreement (APTTA).


Both being neighboring states, relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan began in August 1947 after Pakistan became independent.


Pakistan and Afghanistan have been described by former Afghan President Hamid Karzai as “inseparable brothers”.














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