Pakistan ‘disappointed’ over President Ghani’s remarks : Zakaria

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan said we are disappointed with the recent remarks of the Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on closing the transit route to Central Asia if Islamabad continues to annoy the Afghan traders by closing the Wagah port to Afghanistan for the transit of goods to India.

Meanwhile officials in Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it’s better that Pakistan to focus on its commitments which are fighting terrorism and declare itself as honest to the world.

Tensions rose between the two countries when Pakistan closed Wagah port to Afghan businessmen and in reverse President Ashraf Ghani has warned Pakistan for closing the transit route to Central Asia.

Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Nafees Zakaria said,” “Our efforts for peace, stability and economic progress of Afghanistan are a matter of our commitment to the brotherly people of Afghanistan, millions of that have been hosted in Pakistan for past 37 years. Under a transit trade agreement between the two countries, Pakistan has been extending all facilities for transit of Afghan exports and imports through Pakistan’s ports. We have also been facilitating the transit of Afghan fruits to India through Wagah.”

It seems that Afghan President decision doesn’t get changed against Pakistan simply.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said,” The 3rd party policy doesn’t have to avoid Afghanistan- India to increase their business deals, we change the ground route into the air, certain air companies will increase the mutual trades of Afghanistan- India by transferring goods.”

Officials in Ministry of Foreign Affairs still accused Pakistan for not being honest about peace and stability of Afghanistan.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Spokesman Khairullah Azad said,” Afghanistan’s policy is clear towards any countries, what important is that Pakistan should be honest, and declare itself as honest country to the world.”

However Political expert Ahmad Saiedi said,” Pakistan doesn’t any documents indicating that the following country is trying to stabilize and help peace to be ensured in Afghanistan, their recent remarks is a truly false.”

Meanwhile political parties have declared the recent policy of the Afghan Government against Pakistan is admirable, saying Pakistan is being directed into the isolation, and Afghan Government doesn’t have to change its policy towards Pakistan.

Reported by Ali Asghari


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