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Pakistan committed to supporting the Afghanistan peace process

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2020)

Pakistan supports the peace process in Afghanistan acknowledging that peace in Afghanistan means peace in the region.

Zahid Nasrullah, Pakistani ambassador to Kabul, says that his government will put its full effort in bringing peace to Afghanistan.

He added that terrorism was a challenge for both the countries; therefore, we should join hands and cooperate.

The ambassador, at the Kashmir Solidarity Day celebration in the embassy of Pakistan, said that all countries in the region, especially Pakistan, would surely benefit from peace in Afghanistan.

He said that Pakistan was committed to peace and prosperity in Afghanistan and that it will make every effort to bring peace in Afghanistan.

It is noteworthy that Pakistan is said to play a vital role in the current peace talks between the USA and the Taliban.

The US also believes that Islamabad’s contribution to bringing peace in Afghanistan is essential.

There are beliefs that Pakistan expects to have the US support when and if the tensions and conflicts escalate in Kashmir – if not so, Pakistan’s contributions [to peace talks] would be far from reality.

Nonetheless, the Pakistani ambassador has said that Afghanistan’s peace was more important for them.

Some political experts also believe that peace in Afghanistan will be possible if Pakistan cooperates.

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