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Pakistan, China raise efforts for Afghan-Taliban Peace Talks

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2015)

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The spokesman of executive office said that Pakistan and China raise efforts for the start of official negotiations between Afghan government and Taliban group.

Mujibul Rahman Rahimi, spokesman of executive office emphasized that Islamabad has not taken practical steps to bring Taliban to the negotiation table so far and Pakistan’s measures for providing facilities to Peace Talks is not acceptable for Afghan government.

“Efforts in cooperation with Pakistan and China are ongoing for the start of Peace Talks between Afghanistan-Taliban, we hope Pakistan stand by its commitments,” Rahimi said.

Pakistan outgoing president, Asef Ali Zardari visits Kabul at the height of insecurity in Afghanistan to assure Afghans of their efforts to bring Taliban to the negotiation table.

Former president of Pakistan in a meeting with the chief of executive officer, Abdullah Abdullah announced support for Peace Talks process with Taliban and called for strengthening Kabul-Islamabad ties.

Zardari stressed that with distrust between the two neighboring countries should be eliminated.

He emphasized on joint fight against the terrorism and support Peace Talks process.

However, Afghans have always accused Pakistan of deceiving Afghanistan and not fulfilling its commitments.

According to Afghan analysts Pakistan considers war in Afghanistan as its interests and will never try to end war in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan has always supported Taliban and still involves in the insecurities, therefore war in Afghanistan is in interest of Pakistan,” Ghulam Farooq Majroh, member of Parliament said.

Afghan people are said to believe the key for Peace in Afghanistan is in the hands of Pakistan. But they all know that they key opens peace door in Afghanistan that Taliban wanted to negotiate with the government.
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