Pakistan can’t fight on behalf of Afghanistan against terrorist: Aziz

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2016)


Afghanistan delegation have arrived in Pakistan to pursue the Torkham clashes occurred several times in between the Afghan security forces and the Pakistan military troops over illegal military installations in the joint border of Torkham.

Pakistan Prime Minister National security adviser Sartaj Aziz has mentioned that his country can’t fight against terrorist in Afghanistan, he believed that most of those terrorists who are fighting in Afghanistan are living in Afghanistan, saying Taliban are capable to continue to fight in Afghanistan longer, but Pakistan by exerting pressures and using its influence can bring Taliban into peace table.

He also urged that the international community have failed to ensure security and stability in Afghanistan in the past 15 years,.

Mr. Sartaj said,” Pakistan can’t fight against terrorist in Afghanistan, most of the terrorists who are fighting are living in Afghanistan, we can only bring Taliban into peace table, at least Afghanistan should attend the negotiation.”

His statement made after the Afghan delegation have arrived in Pakistan to pursue the negotiation over Torkham clashes.

President Deputy Spokesman Shah Hussien Murtazavi said,” We still expect from Pakistan to stay committed and fulfill the quadrilateral promises.”

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Interior Affairs declared Pakistan as the safe houses for terrorists.

Ministry of Interior Affairs Spokesman Sediq Sediqee said,” The above mentioned statement was released in the past, what is important is that terrorists are in Pakistan and they receive supports, war is beefed up by Pakistan.”

In the past one decade this is the first time that Afghanistan- Pakistan ties has gone into darkness, military forces of both countries have engaged several times in Torkham border.


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