Pakistan Badly Behaves against Afghan Migrants after Terrorist Attacks: MRR

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2017 6:03 pm)

1Officials in Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation (MRR) said Pakistan has been using Afghan migrants as political purposes against Afghan Government, after successive terrorist attacks took place in Pakistan, the following Government started to carry out badly behaves against Afghan based migrants in Pakistan and even in some cases they expelled them by force.

Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation Advisor Hafizullah Maikhail said, “After terrorist attacks, Pakistan started to arrest and even expel by force Afghan migrants from Pakistan, Afghan Government has been asking Pakistan not to use Afghan migrants as political purposes, the country has not respected the commitments made for the Government of Afghanistan, efforts are underway to pave the way for repatriation of the Afghan migrants from Pakistan into the country.”

Afghan experts insisted that Afghan Government should not relay on the Pakistan’s policy, it should resolve the Afghan migrant’s issues by the cooperation of the International community.

“Pakistan ignores all the world regulations and laws, by torturing Afghan migrants, one of the main solutions for the issue is that Afghan Government should get with United Nations High Commissioner of Refugee’s and United Nations to pave the way for the safe returns of Afghan migrants from Pakistan.” Political commentator Mohammad Asif Baktash said.

Meanwhile a number of Afghans who have gathered in front of the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul to receive Pakistani visa said if our problems are solved within the country, we will never go to Pakistan.

Kabul Resident Abdul Baseer Zazai said, “We have to go to Pakistan to receive medical treatments, because there is no proper medical treatment is provided in Afghanistan, we should face the problems.”

“We have no other alternatives on education and health care services, therefore we have to go to Pakistan to receive education and medical treatments.” College student Mohammad Wali said.

In current condition more than 2 million Afghans are living in Pakistan, when the political situation goes tensed between the countries the Afghan migrants experience tough condition of life in Pakistan, recently Pakistani officials have closed Turkham gate for Afghan passengers who are going to receive medical treatments in Pakistan.

Reported by: Rafi Sediqee

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