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Over Six Million Afghans live below The Poverty Line: MAIL

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2014)

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Officials in Ministry of live stock and Agriculture have said,” still more than six million Afghans live below the poverty line in Afghanistan.”

Stating the deputy of the live stock and Agriculture Mir Amanollah Haidari we have been capable to help 1,2 percent of the following persons at the entire country.

He added that Afghanistan is counted one of the countries where most of its residents live below the poverty line.

However the deputy of world food program claimed that most of those Afghans who are below the poverty line are organized by the children.

Deputy of World Food Program Angelina Kobra said,” our efforts are underway to struggle against the existed poverty in Afghanistan she also addressed that one of the best ways to remove poverty from this society is to expand agriculture in the suburbs and city levels.”

Kobra added that we are committed to bring down this level into zero in Afghanistan we also hope that both Afghan men and Women get the perfect meal, and World Food Program will push through to meet the joint objectives with cooperation of the Afghan Government civil society and Afghans.

20th of October was observed as the thirty fourth International Food Day in the capital city of Kabul the main objective of the following celebration was entitled struggling against poverty in the country.



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