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Over 150 Public Uprising Forces Join Taliban in Faryab: Local Officials

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2018)

The local officials in the northern Faryab province confirmed that over 150 Public Uprising Forces have joined the Taliban within just three weeks.

“The commanders of Public Uprising Forces have also handed over 30 villages in Belcharagh and Garzivan districts to the Taliban”, some members of the provincial council told Ariana News.

Abdul Ahad Elbeik, a member of Faryab provincial council stated “government’s negligence and lack of support” to the forces as main motive for their alliance with the Taliban.

He further said that Faryab-Jawzjan highway has become insecure recently and the Taliban have established check points across the highway.

According to him, a passenger was also shot dead in recent days by the militants after he tried to escape from the Taliban checking points.

However, Faryab local officials rejected that the commanders of Public Uprising Forces have joined Taliban along with their men and that they handed over 30 villages to the group in the province.

Abdul Karim Soroush, spokesman of the provincial police chief just confirmed that a village in Garzivan district has been fallen to the Taliban. He added that Afghan forces will soon launch an operation to retake the area.

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