Operations Will be Launched to Reopen Closed Voting Centers: Barmak

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2018)

Large-scale operations will be launched in a bid to re-open the closed polling stations across the country, said the Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak on Wednesday. 

Insecurity is a major challenge in front of the upcoming parliamentary and district council election which are scheduled to be held on October 20.

According to officials, more than 1,000 voting centers have been closed with hundreds more are under high-security threats in the country. 

Speaking to Ariana News, Barmak said that operations will be launched to reopen the closed polling centers.

 “One thousand centers which are under security threats, will be reopened in upcoming months with proper facilities,” he said.

The official stressed that will serious act against those police personnel who interfere in the election process.

“In case of any documented report, the meddlers will be fired and referred to court,” he said.

This comes as based on the election commission’s estimation, 10 districts are already under control of the Taliban and 1,500 voting centers have been closed due to insecurity in the country.  

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