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One of most wanted Paghman gang rape escapees arrested: NDS

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2014)


One of the three paghman gang rape escapees named Sayeed Fazllulah on Friday arrested by National Directorate Security (NDS).

A few months ago, According to the widely accepted version of the Pghman incident, on August 23 a group of ten people stopped two vehicles consisting of eight women and two men in the Paghman district of the capital. The assailants took four of the women hostage, beating and raping them. Fearing ostracization, the family of the women took them to a nearby hospital without informing the police. The case was not opened until one of victims died in the hospital. The families were on their way back from a wedding at the time of the attack.

Afghanistan judge on September 7 sentenced seven men to death for the gang-rape of four women in a case that has sparked nationwide outrage.

The NDS stressed on arresting the two more suspects allegedly linked to the group that gang rapped four women and looted passengers in the Paghman district of central Kabul province.

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