Officials Take Measures to Promote Honeybee Keeping in Northern Provinces

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2019)

Officials say that they are trying to produce high-quality honey and promote beekeeping in the northern provinces of the country.

First, five hundred boxes of the Honeybee will be distributed to a hundred people in the Balkh and Jowzjan provinces.” Said Fahim Jabari, the person in charge of the National Project of Horticulture and Livestock of the North.

The needed tools that will be given to the people cost more than five million Afghanis, added the officials.

“The aim is to producing high-quality honey, promoting beekeeping, developing and supporting the gardens which are needed for the pollination,” said Jabari.

Jabari added that presently the low-quality honey is being imported to the north of the country.

He said that through the implementation of the National Project of Horticulture and Livestock they are trying to increase the production of high-quality honey in the north.

This comes as now at least 150 people are occupied in the production of the honey in northern Afghanistan.

The officials, furthermore, say that they are trying to register the honey producers to a union so that they learn standard ways of honey production with high quality.

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