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Officials reject ISIS presence in Laghman

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2015)


Security officials in Laghman province have claimed that The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group does not have any presence in the province.

Laghman Police commander said that they will launch military operations for wiping out Taliban group from the areas of the Laghman province.

Sarhadi Zowak, spokesman of Laghman province said that Daesh presence in Laghman is no more than a rumor and no activity or sign of them has not been seen so far.

However, a number of Laghman residents complaint about the oppositions activities in the province.

Afghan security forces have also stressed that they are completely ready to fight against any threats.

The Islamic State (IS) group, also known by an Arabic acronym, Daesh, has gained a toehold in Afghanistan, although with the loss in a drone strike of its most prominent and recently appointed commander, Rauf Khadem, that toehold is looking precarious.

There has been much reporting about IS in Afghanistan, but not all reporting is equal.

Some events cited as evidence of Daesh have nothing to do with the group, while others, cited by media and government officials as indications of IS presence, are part of a different development: the passage of foreign militants from Pakistan’s tribal areas into Afghanistan in the wake of the military operation by the Pakistani army in North Waziristan that started last summer.

However, we have also seen the first known and notable insurgent commanders ‘coming out’ as Daesh.

The Islamic State (IS) also officially announced on 26 January its expansion into ‘Khorasan’, an old name for the region that is largely in what is now Afghanistan (the name allows IS to refer to Afghanistan and Pakistan without having to name them – un-Islamically, in its eyes – as nation states.

This is the first time the group has officially spread outside the Arab world. Afghan and regional leaders, as well as common Afghans, had already been concerned about the group’s potential threat.

Indeed fear of Daesh has evoked a rare consensus between the Afghan government and the Taleban, both of whom have accused foreign intelligence agencies of being behind the threat.





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