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Officials in MoLSaMD Signs 32 $ Million Contract with WFP

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2015)

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Officials in Ministry of Labor, Social affais, martyrs and disabled have signed a 32$million contract with officials in World Food Program WFP.

The acting Minister of the following Ministry Wasel Noor Muhmand said, “based on the agreement world food program will provide 270 tons of food for 58 districts belonged to Provinces of Afghanistan within coming 2 years in the future, the following aid will be given instead of pursuing a occupation and that will cover the needy Women, disabled persons and some others who are vulnerable in the society.”

Muhmand said, “The object of the above mentioned project is to decrease the level of poverty within the societies and also enable needy Women, disabled persons and others to learn an occupation.”

Head of World Food Program in Afghanistan Kilad Jabidar has addressed the privileges of the program for those who will be covered this will also help those who couldn’t get educated in the right time and now it’s a golden chance for to get education by following the program, this program will also enable the participants to be capable to earn their life in the future.”

Meanwhile the officials in Ministry of labor ,social affairs ,Martyrs, and disabled have signed other agreement with a charity Organization for further treating of the children suffering from mental illness,so far 10 children have been treated well by the health providers in the following Ngo.

Report: Nimatullah Ahmadi

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