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Officials in MoALS Say More Programs underway

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2015)


 Officials in Ministry of agriculture and live stock have said that green zones of new saplings have been created for the upcoming spring where Afghan farmers could simply use it for their further plantation.

According to their statements different programs are on the edge of the implementation for coming up the new spring such as vegetables, fantasy trees and some other programs comparing to last year.

They have also claimed that though the harvest level increased in the agriculture section but still there is need to do more for improving of quality of the goods, officials have addressed that only the modified plants could increase qualified harvests in the country.

Head of the development of gardens in Ministry of Agriculture and live stock Adila Bakhatyari said,” we have necessary measurements and programs on the edge of implementation to grow more green zones, our Ministry decide to build several fridge houses to keep the fresh fruits and vegetables, and build the capacity of the farmers and give them necessary awareness on their field of agriculture.”

Officials in Ministry of agriculture and livestock said,” when the production of the Afghanistan agriculture meet the standards of International requirements and find its position in International markets there Afghan farmers dreams will come true.”

We have 30 sub departments established within the main cities when any organization willing to help Afghan farmers we distribute the aids through our regional departments Miss Adila added.

What Afghan farmers still suffer from is having no access to fridge places to keep their harvests, no well managed system of irrigation to resolve their challenges forever.

Reported By Nimatullah Ahmadi

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