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Officials in Ministry of Mine & Petroleum Claim Excavation of Azure Mine (s) legally proceeded

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2015)


Officials in Ministry of Mining and petroleum have urged that excavation of the Azure mine is legally proceeded based on the National interests of Afghanistan.

Spokesman of the following Ministry told to Ariana News TV that particle phase of work began on excavation of the Azure mine in Badakhshan Province.

Meanwhile the MPs from Badakhshan said,” If the insecurity rocks the whole province the legal excavation of the following mine doesn’t take place.”

It has been about one decade that Azure mine in Badakhshan being excavated illegally by the war lords and local powerful figures after the initial processing it were smuggled to abroad.

Spokesman of the Ministry of mine and petroleum Rafi Sediqee said,” we as the staffs of the Ministry from A to Z are united to do the mining on legal basis investigations are underway to find its technical and professional perspectives of the excavation holding the National interests alive.”

Afghan Senator Gulalai Akbari said,” if the following mine gets excavated legally and as standard it will boost the economy and we can use the rest of the its materials for further processing

A number of experts have and local residents have said,” existence of local Powerful figures and war lords has caused the excavation process of Azure mine to be deteriorated.”

Mp Fawzai Kofi said,” if the security doesn’t ensured in the area where mine located or even on the way to this mine legal excavation will not be in place.”

Based on the information annually 5 up to 10 tons of Azure being excavated and sent to abroad illegally with further processing .

Experts said that ,” Government should a plan for excavation of the following mine in place, ask Afghan security departments for ensuring security around the mines are located.

Reported by Nimatullah Ahmadi



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