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Officials in DEA to Raise Exporting level into 50%

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2015)


Officials in development exportation administration have said,” efforts are underway to raise the level of exports into 50% in current year.”

According to their statements in the past 9 months the level of the exporting goods has raised up to 33% , the raising of the level closely related to the investments and transportation facilities to find its markets in the world.

Officials in the following department have recently signed an agreement for the farmers and businessmen to receive 7 $ million long term loans with some money resources.


Head of the Exporting department Najla HabibYar said,” the loans which are being received is long term loan process that means each persons who receives loans can be used for 3 years, simultaneously they can receive even up to 7 $ million.”


Chief of Financial Office of rural of Afghanistan Hashmatullah Akhtary said,” the loans which are being given is based on Islamic rule, we provide loans for Women 100, 00 $ up to 500,000 $ for the small companies.”

In this way we will be capable to sign international business agreements to export more and decrease the level of the import in the country.

Miss Habibyar Said,” our aim is to raise the level of exportation up to 50% because the internal markets are full of imported goods.”

The following efforts come after that most of the infrastructure programs have not been implemented and there is no jobs opportunities from the business sectors created for the Afghans.

Reported by Wahid Nawisa

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