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Officials in CCI demand Government to build cold storages

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2016)


Officials in Chamber of commerce and industry have demanded the Government to build cold storages for the upcoming ripen fruits, to save different fruits from being rotten within the country.

Officials in Ministry of Agriculture and live stocks have reported that 1, 7 million Afghani has been allocated for building cold storages to keep fruits of the country longer for the consumers.

Deputy of chamber of commerce and industry Khanjan Alkozai said,” we do need cold storages within the country, to keep our fresh fruits longer, we demand the Government to help us on the aspect and resolve our issues with neighboring countries storages.”

Ministry of Agriculture and Live stock Spokesman Lufullah Rashid said,” we do have sufficient financial supports for cold storages, there will be big cold storages within the country by coming next year.”

He has also mentioned that for the time being there are 2000 cold storages built in Afghanistan and the following process is underway.

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