Obama’s 8-Years Policy Toward Afghanistan Should be Evaluated: Burton

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2017)

11fe1491-9fc6-4865-a4a5-a4661ff6ea8c_w987_r1_sUS congressman, Dan Burton says the Brack Obama’s eight-years policy toward Afghanistan should be evaluated.

Burtan declares that US new administration tries to have effective military and political cooperation with Afghanistan.

“I think our policy toward Afghanistan is extremely important, but I think we need to have a different approach for the last eight years with Mr. Obama. I think you will see a different approach in the new administrations. US troops will work together with Afghan forces and the new elected US president will make further efforts and cooperation regarding this issue,” said Dan Burtan, US congressman.

Meanwhile, a US Military expert is said to believe that the current situation of Afghanistan is not acceptable.

“Afghanistan’s situation should be evaluated, the situation of this country needs an overall review and then seeks for a solution. We should witness positive changes in Afghanistan’s situation,” said O’Neil Feliz, former inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction.

US secretary of defense, Ashton Carter writes in a letter of his career: “I hope the new administration follow the development direction of Kabul-Washington relations, because Afghan people need the cooperation of the United States for more years.”

This comes as US and NATO commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson has previously said that the Afghan government has the direct control of 64 percent its population, while this figure was 68 percent in first months of 2016.


Reported by Nazira Karimi from Washington D.C

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