Nuristan security Fragile: Local residents claim

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2014)


A number of the tribal leaders have accused the Government for not ensuring security for Nuristan Province.

They have said, “if the Government of Afghanistan doesn’t ensure security for the entire Province some of the districts will go under the Taliban control and even turmoil will be expanded into North part of the country.”

Afghanistan President Advisor for all tribes Rahmatullah Rahishidi despite of confirming the issues blaming the Government for not providing security for Nuristan Province

Head of Nuristani community, Aref Nuristani also expressed his concerns over insecurity in his Province demanding the Government to ensure security for his Province.

They have asked the Central Government to establish Local Police Force division, deploying the Afghan National Army ANA Afghan Border Police to being operations for clearing the districts especially re-opening of the Bargmatal high to center of the Province, which being controlled by the Taliban.

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