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NUG to send list of Second Minister’s Nominees to Parliament Soon

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2015)

pic 1 Officials in National Unity Government have stated that the second list of the new Minister’s Nominees has been ready to be sent to Parliament to receive confidence votes from the Afghan lawmakers.

One of the closer re-source to the President has said,” the second list of the new ministers for the cabinet had been completed.”

Meanwhile Afghanistan CEO office has insisted that soon we will introduce new replaces Ministers and new Ministers for the Afghanistan parliament to receive votes confidence.

In the first voting process in the house of the parliament only following ministers have been capable to receive trust votes Foreign Affairs, Interior Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Public health, Immigration and repatriation, Rural rehabilitation, Mines and petroleum, Haji and religious and Chief National security directorate NDS, the above mentioned Ministers and Chief NDS to do swearing ceremony on Sunday and begin working.

Some of the other Governmental departments which are being led by the acting Ministers their missions will also end soon.

CEO office urged that we will introduce the new list of the Ministers nominees and till the end of official vacation of the Afghan lawmakers will introduce new acting Ministers for those departments.

CEO Deputy Spokesman Asif Ashna has said,” Discussions are under way over those new ministers, and others who have failed due to any reasons, and new acting ministers to be appointed for those offices being led by the acting ministers that their mission ends soon.”

There are roamers that some of the Ministers who have failed will be re-introduced to the parliament to receive votes of confidence.

Member of the Haq and Adalat party Moeen Marastial who is closer person to the president has claimed the second list of the new Minister nominees already has made ready those who couldn’t receive confidence votes will be replaced based on their professionalism, talents, and eligibility they will be introduced to the parliament when Mps back to their duty after their winter season vacation.

It said that first vice deputy Gen,Abdul Raheed Dustom to introduce new nominee for the Ministry of Defense.

After one of the other nominees for Ministry of culture and information had been introduced by Gen,Dustom after failing he has introduced Abdul Bari Jahani instead.

Let’s wait and watch when the discussions for formation of the new cabinet ends.

Reported By : Hameed Sediqi

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