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NUG should stabilize its Ties with Regional Countries: Ghani

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2015)


President Ashraf Ghani said.” Afghan Government should stabilize its ties with regional countries.”

Afghan Political experts have insisted that Afghanistan doesn’t have be play ground for regional and neighboring countries; therefore strengthening ties with India will open up the new chapters of security and stabilities for Afghanistan.

Afghan president Ghani will soon to visit India and will open up new chapter of cooperation with Indian Government,

Head of regional studies Ghafoor Liwal has declared India as the strategic partner in the region it could play positive role in determining of Afghanistan security and safety in the region and even in the world.

International Relation expert MiaGul Wasiq said,” in regional policy balance is needed; this will cause peace and stabilities in the country regions and even in the world.”

Earlier reports which were published indicating that President Ghani has postponed the demand of former President Hamid Karzai for military equipments from Indian Government ,Afghan political experts have related the postponing of the military equipments from India is to still draw Pakistan attention.

Reported By Ahmad Farshad Saleh


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