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NUG leaders won’t convince donors in Warsa summit: Senators

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2016)


Scores of Afghan senators have stated that National Unity Government leaders won’t be capable to convince the International community and donors countries on Warsa summit for what they had promised to.

Meanwhile officials in Presidential palace have reported that promised will be fulfilled by coming July 2016.

Both Warsa and Brussels summits are vital to Afghanistan’s destinations where donor countries come together and announce their supports for the future of Afghanistan.

Senator Zamlay Zabuli said,” the Top Afghan officials may not attend the two summits and the lower officials will attend because they can’t answer the questions of the International community.”

“National Unity Government leaders had promised to remove corruption, reform the Election system, but none has been done senator Mohammad Asif Sediqee said,”

President Deputy Spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashimi said,” We have our own preparations, reformation will soon take place and by the summits come we will all be fully ready.”

Donors aids depend on reformation in Election system, combating corruption from the Afghan side a question remains that whether the International community once again trust Afghan Government or not?

Reported by Nusrat Parsa

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