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NUG leaders to Hold Final Session-Decision on NEIC

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2015)



President Ghani –CEO Abdullah Abdullah in order to exchange their points of views and take the final decision on distribution of National Electronic Identification Cards will have session in the future.

Source has told to Ariana News that the session is tending to be taken place tonight in between the National Unity Government.

Officials in CEO offices have said,” there is no technical and legal problems for issuing the IDs the decision of Ministerial Council has been précised,further it was postponed to the unclear future.”

CEO Abdullah Abdullah deputy spokesman Jawid Faisal said,” there is final decision taken on issuing of IDs to Afghans but this is the priority program of National Unity Government leaders,though there is no technical and legal issues in the whole process of NEIC,”

Ministerial Council Decision on issuing the National Electronic Identity cards still ups.

The issuing process of National Electronic Identity Cards should begin, still there are some issues in between the NUG leaders to be resolved CEO Abdullah Abdullah deputy spokesman Faisal added.

Though Afghanistan Ministerial Council has determined 19,08,2015 but no clear decision has been made on issuing the testing period of issuing NEIC,there are some issues still on issuing the IDs among the Afghanistan leaders.

Reported by Farah Naz Frotan


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