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NUG leaders should introduce NDS, MoD heads to Parliament: Senators

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2016)


Scores of senators have demanded the National Unity Government leaders should introduce the heads for National Security Directorate and Ministry of Defense to receive votes of confidence from the Mps house.

Acting heads in the Governmental departments have provoked the concerns of the senators.

They have urged that the leaders should put their disagreements away by considering the ongoing challenges within the country.

Senator Mohammad Faisal Sami said,” The National Unity Government leaders should consider the ongoing challenges of this year and the past, and introduce the Minister for the Defense Ministry post and National security Directorate head for the lower house for the votes of confidence.”

“The security condition is worsening, Afghans are losing their love once, we demand the Government to put their disagreement away Senator Azim Quiash said,”

Earlier Ariana News accessed documents indicating the serious disagreements rose in between the two leaders of the National Unity Government, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani was to introduce Gulab Mangal as candidate for Ministry of Defense and Masoud Stanikzai as the Head of National Security Directorate.

Senator GulAhmad Azami said,” US Government should have clear definition from Terrorism and stop killing of Afghans, equip Afghan security forces because they are the one who are fighting at the front line.”

After International security forces left Afghanistan Afghan security forces have taken the security responsibility and fought against Terrorists at the front line losing dozens of its forces.


Reported by Rafi Sediqee


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